Business Plan


Vernacular news portals in all major Indian languages. The news page will have room for ads and subscriber details etc.. Annual subscription, non refundable, is Rs 200 per head. Every subscriber is automatically made a member of the MLM plan In order to explore the further reach. Each subscriber is configured into several categories by caste, profession, state, district, constituency The info is confidential and privacy laws are adhered to without exception. A subscriber gets free access to other subscribers’ gallery within ones grouping via ones user id. A subscriber can choose to send / share news and related items for further reach. The MLM has two plans: PLAN A & PLAN B.


Media Management

  • Pair income 200 (1:2 / 2:1),
  • Daily 5 pairs capping (1:1),
  • Every 2nd pair will be deducted
  • Daily cutoff
  • Weekly payout
  • Minimum payout 200.
  • Two weeks 100 deduction for auto pool.



LEVEL Amount Distributed Total Amount
1 3x10 30/-
2 9x10 90/-
3 27x10 270/-
4 81x25 2,025/-
5 243x45 10,935/-
  • Weekly payout
  • Members after Completing these levels are rewarded for any Gift / Tour.(10 members 1 batch)
  • Minimum payout 200/-.


  • Admin & TDS Charges Total = 25%*